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Where to Outsource Your Business’s Weaknesses and Hire Remote Workers

Found yourself or your team struggling in some areas with marketing or delivering results to your customers? Have your or your employees been overloaded, overworked and exhausted running behind on your projects and campaigns? Failing to scale your business?


In such situations consider partially or completely outsourcing whatever kind of pain in the ass it might be to let yourself and your staff focus on things that match your skill sets best rather than try to be Jacks of all Trades and beaver away for a lower return on your efforts.


In this case your company is a “holey bucket leaking water”. Each “hole” is a weak or missing skill that you or your team members don’t have in place. The “water leaks” are lost revenue and opportunities. You need to “plug” those “holes” in order to use it to its full potential.


The “plugs” for your “bucket” could be outsourcers and remote workers who would fix it and increase your ROI but it’s extremely challenging to get hold of good ones. So in this post I’ve put together a few resources that I can recommend you.


It’s not just a random selection of service providers. My clients, partners, employers and other connections have had great experience with them.


• Content Writing


$0.003 – $0.07
per word
  • Leading content marketplace where thousands of international clients connect with the most talented writers across the globe
  • • 49,285 orders are successfully completed
    • 108,671 clients have registered so far
    • 142,809 writers are available to create quality content for you
  • ⚝ Get content in 20+ languages
    ⚝ Access thousands of qualified writers
    ⚝ No hidden charges
    ⚝ 100% transparent process
    ⚝ Fully registered & licensed
    ⚝ Explore writers through reviews, portfolios and past experience
    ⚝ Pay only if 100% satisfied with their work


per word
  • Quality blog writing service for your business growth
  • Blog content that fuels your marketing campaigns
  • Get access to pre-qualified writers who have experience in a wide variety of industries
  • ❊ Your project manager will work with you to understand your business, its target audience, and what type of content and voice will be most effective.
    ❊ Each blog post will be assigned to the most qualified ghostwriter. They will extensively research the topic and utilize content marketing best practices.
    ❊ After a quality assurance review, the content is delivered to your inbox. Request a revision if necessary, otherwise you may edit, format and publish as you see fit.
  • Powerful extension for your content marketing team




  • Performance-based SEO service
  • If you don’t rank, you don’t pay
  • While other SEO companies hide behind “no guarantees” policies, this one guarantees you’ll never pay a dime until their team can prove results. There’s no upfront fees to start using this SEO service.
  • ▷ No risk of overpaying
    ▷ Get results or it’s free
    ▷ Affordable dynamic pricing
    ▷ Weekly reporting
    ▷ Free on-page optimizations
    ▷ Incentive for lasting results


Connex Digital Marketing
per month
  • A+ 7 year old agency that has developed a sweet productized service focused on the Skyscraper SEO methodology
  • Done for you skyscraper
  • Take the guesswork out of creating content that people will link to and have the backlink acquisition done for you! This is a proven strategy that is honest, transparent, and a solid investment
  • ❊ They find a resource (article) with a lot of backlinks that is old, outdated, or not user friendly; yet, it is relevant to your audience.
    ❊ Then they rewrite the resource (article) and expand upon it with images, videos and additional content. You review and publish the edited content.
    ❊ Once the resource is published on your site, they reach out to everyone who linked to the previous article informing them of the new updated resource.
  • Incredible content with backlink building built in


Startup Lister
  • Directory submission services for startups
  • They will manually submit your information to startup directories, review sites, and communities to help you create profiles for your company, build high quality backlinks, and rank better on SERP’s
  • ✔ Submit to 50+ directories
    ✔ Screenshot of each submission
    ✔ Manually submitted by their team
    ✔ Dedicated 1-1 support


• Social Media Marketing


$299 – $2k
per month
  • Social media growth experts who work relentlessly and deliver consistent, quality results month after month
  • Get an experienced marketing pro integrated into your team to engage with your target market, build a community that loves your brand, develop a content strategy that will resonate with your audience, manage your social media ads, expand your reach, increase exposure, etc…
  • ◇ Dedicated social media marketing pros
    ◇ Audience engagement & growth
    ◇ High performing social media posts
    ◇ Social media ads management


• E-Commerce


per month
  • E-commerce feed distribution services
  • Have your products sent to free shopping channels online
  • Improve traffic, awareness, promotion and increase your sales. Upload your product feeds and have them sent to free price comparison sites, coupon code sites, deal sites and social shopping channels
  • ☼ See all of your products in your client dashboard
    ☼ No need to create individual accounts on every shopping channel
    ☼ Auto category assignment on each channel
    ☼ Submit your product feeds in one go and send them to all channels
    ☼ Submit your product feeds in your chosen base currency
    ☼ All shoppers sent back to your e-commerce site to checkout
    ☼ Get priority support


• Remote Workers


per month
  • Connect with talented remote workers from 180+ countries specializing in:
    ☭ Design & multimedia
    ☭ Web development
    ☭ Mobile applications
    ☭ Writing & content
    ☭ Administrative support
    ☭ Customer service
    ☭ Sales & marketing
    ☭ Business services
  • ▢ Highly educated, experienced and verified professionals are ready to perform every conceivable job/task that can be done remotely for a fraction of the expense you would pay traditionally in an office setting
    ▢ Innovative team players specializing in web development, web design, video editing, article writing, programming, customer service, software development, admin support and much more
    ▢ Instant messaging, emailing, voice and video features ensure you get to check off all of the tangible and intangible qualities you need to see and feel when making the critical decision to bring a new person on to your team
    ▢ The platform does not markup prices or take commission fees when you recruit talents. You are able to hire remote workers directly, pay your hires directly and work with them anyway you would like. This puts you in charge of how and where your remote team works, as well as how you pay them resulting in thousands of dollars in savings



• Financial


  • Your outsourced finance and accounting department
  • Financial expertise for every project
  • ◕ Bookkeeping & accounting
    ◕ Financial analysis
    ◕ CFO strategy
  • ◔ Month-end bookkeeping, tax preparation, financial reporting
    ◔ Budget forecasting, financial modeling, KPI development
    ◔ Part-time CFO guidance, fundraising support, M&A expertise
  • Less than the top 2% of finance freelancers make it through their screening process so businesses are guaranteed top-notch experts at affordable prices. Their experts leverage their years of experience and domain expertise to cost-effectively serve as your outsourced finance and accounting department.

Hope you found help in this resource guide.


Have you tried any of the places mentioned above?


What’s your experience with them?


Let me know where you outsource what.


Are you in B2B sector? Then don’t leave empty handed.


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